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week 12 topic:

Graduation Night!!

meeting information:

June 15th , 2021 @ 7pm

Zoom Rules:
1. No recording allowed, all materials and information are the copy write of Jarrae Live LLC.
2. All participants are to be on mute unless called upon
3. All videos must be on while class is in session.
4. Zoom must list your real name (First Name only is fine)
5. If your questions does not get answered during the live call please email any additional questions to jaeraelive@gmail.com. 
6. Be respectful of your fellow participants, no background noise.
7. Please keep question topic related only.


Kristen Limbo

Video One

Video Two

New Video!

I did receive the forms from J and crew about you.. however, there was a little info missing…  
I want to email back everyones Chart out this week!  I have to create and email back each person so, if have NOT emailed Kristin personally and sent her the following information…. PLEASE do so! 
Please email her directly kbeyondastrology@gmail.com
1. Your Birthday  Month, day, year
2. Time of birth ( if you have it)
3. City and country of birth
Also, if you pay me by PAY PAL and your Pay pal name is different than your email or proper name… add a note!  🙂 

Rev. Michele Allison

Are you ready to work with YOUR intuition and subtle energy!
Rev. Michele Allison, Registered Metaphysical Provider with the World Metaphysical Association will share the marriage of Spirituality and the Science of Mama Nature – the Healing power of Crystals.  
Your first exercise for this class! Below there are a series of groups of crystals Michele Allison has intuitively has chosen our for Spirituality 101 Students. 
Your crystal will be sent directly to you with a personalized information sheet prepared just for you. Your crystal will be sound cleared, Full Moon Charge, Blessed and Reiki’d. All you need to do is program your new sparkly friend!

Special Guests:

Leanna Hunt - Huntress Coaching

I guide women through the process of healing their relationships with food, other addictions, and forms of sabotage using cutting-edge techniques like EFT, NLP timeline therapy techniques, and performance coaching strategies. EFT, also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique is tapping on pressure points while working with the subconscious to release stored negative beliefs! Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP, is understanding the language of the mind to bring about change in our thoughts and behaviors. EFT & NLP combined help create new belief systems which lead to new pathways in the brain! It is a beautiful healing process and I am so glad you are here to learn more!

Information Order Form

To pay for your

Astrological Chart

Please PayPal Kristin Lembo


The total amount is $150.00 and you will receive Your astrological chart.   You will be learning all about the chart that are being sent to you and how to use them in the Astrology class.

Information Order Form

To pay for your crystal

Please Venmo Michele Allison 


The total amount is $120.00 and you will receive Your crystal chart, a personally selected and blessed crystal based on your questionnaire.   You will be learning all about the crystals that are being sent to you and how to use them in the crystal class.


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